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TruRecover supports joints and muscle recovery in athletes. Recovery is a necessary process for muscle growth, and supporting joint health and recovery can allow you to continue to have successful training sessions as you increase in strength, intesity, and power. TruRecover supports these two foundational processes of muscle recovery and joint health in just 2 capsules per day, with a research-backed approach.


Joint Support

For athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts training hard day in and day out, joint support and management is integral for long term success. Being able to maintain intensity in your training will allow you to continue to progress over time.

Ingredients in TruRecover are packing with bioactive polyphenols shown to have anti-inflammatory properties in humans.

Muscle Recovery

Similar to how TruRecover works to support joints, ingredients work to block pro-inflammatory pathways in muscle. Human trials have shown one key compound in TruRecover, known as verbascoside, protects against oxidative damage from exercise, decreases the signs of muscular damage in chronic exercise without blocking the cellular adaptation to exercise.

2 Capsule Serving

TruRecover is a daily staple for anyone who trains with high intensity at least 3x per week. Just 2 capsules per day is all you need.



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Additional Info