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  • +Dual-acting fiber to support normal bowel regularity
  • +Organic, vegan
  • +Start with 1 capsule, 1-2 times per day, and slowly increase dose by 1 capsule per day until desired results are achieved. Then maintain that daily dosing. Constipated users will typically land on a 6-9 capsule per day schedule, while those going too-often will land in the 2-6 capsule per day range.

Be Regular.

A biphasic fiber helps to normalize regularity in either direction.

What the F? Facts on Fiber.

Many of us remember that canister with an orange label on it sitting on our parent’s counter – and we probably thought – I am never going to take that stuff! Our understanding of the importance of fiber in our diet has changed and many young people benefit from taking a fiber supplement as well.

Fiber is found naturally in many of our favorite foods already – including some fruits, nuts, seeds, and many vegetables. For most of us that don’t get enough in our diets, a fiber supplement is a great way to augment our fiber intake.

Why is fiber an important part of your diet? First off – fiber is like a mind-game – it likes to play tricks on you! Since it is slow to digest, when you eat food that is high in fiber, it will help you to feel full longer. So, relative to the calories you are taking in – high fiber foods help you stay full longer.

Oh…and that other thing – fiber helps to keep things moving along in your digestive tract, if you know what we mean! This is especially important for folks on low-carb or keto diets that may be cutting back on some of those natural fiber sources, such as fruit. If you are literally feeling stuck in your new diet – fiber may be a big help to you – in more ways than one.

The fiber found in Regulate-GI, organic powdered psyllium husk, helps maintain regularity by its unique biphasic capabilities, meaning it can help both loosen or firm stools, depending on how much is consumed.

Starting a new diet, especially a high protein diet, can change your regularity. Helping to balance the type of fiber and total fiber intake in your daily diet is key. The average American diet has fallen very short in daily fiber intake, and oftentimes regularity issues are simply due to this low intake.

It is important to start low and
increase slowly until you find what works best for your regularity, so follow the directions!

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