Mutant Mass 15lb

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The Original. Enhanced Muscle Mass Gainer Supplement. Researched, Developed And Produced In-House At Our Own Licensed Manufacturing Facility. Every Batch Is Rigorously Tested For Guaranteed Quality. 1100 Calories. 56g Protein. 36g BCAAs, Glutamines, and EAAs. 52% less Sugar. 3020 Calories Program: If You Are Serious About Pumping Iron, You Need To Be Just As Serious About Meeting Your Nutritional Demands. 1.) 2X A Day. 2.) Mass-4 Scoops. 3.) Shake 20-30 Seconds. 4) Milk-Low Fat 32 Fl Oz. Loads Your Body With 178g Of Protein And 3020 Calories Per Day! When to Use: In the Morning, Between Meals. Post-Workout. Before Bed. Use Anytime You Want To Fill A Nutritional Gap That Requires A Premium Blend Of Protein, Carbs And Calories. Designed Specifically To Help Add Mutant Mass. Leave Humanity Behind! The Original...Just Got Better. Mutant Mass Has Delivered Millions And Millions Of Servings Since 2005 To Our Loyal Iron Followers In Over 100 Countries. Designed For The Strong And The Humongous, Mutant Mass Is Constantly Being Discovered By New Hardcore And Dedicated Athletes Of All Types Who Seek The Best. Mutant Mass Is Dedicated To Providing A Fierce Blend Of Clean Food-Based, Nutrient-Dense Ingredients. Our Ongoing Research And Testing On Some Of The Most Massive Mutants On The Planet Leads To What You Now Hold In Your Hands-Our Greatest #1 Original Big Bag' Creation Yet. It Is Who We Are. We Are Mutant. Join Us. Formula Highlights: 56 Grams of Complete Protein. 36 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAS, Glutamines and EAAS. 52% Less Sugars than Our Original Formula. Waxy Maize and Other Carbs Including Newly Added Sweet Potato and Rolled Oats. Added Digestive Enzymes. Plus We Improved Our Incredible Flavors And More!


Suggested Use: As A Dietary Supplement, Add 24-32 Fl Oz (720-960 Ml) Of Water To A Blender Or Large Shaker Cup, Then Add 4 Scoops Of Mutant Mass, Blend Or Shake For 20-30 Seconds. Tastes Amazing In Water-Taste Even Better In Milk! Always Add Liquid First Then Add Mutant Mass. Mixing Tips: A) Using Non-Fat Or Low Fat Milk Will Give You A Thicker, Creamier, Higher-Protein, High-Calorie Shake. B) To Decrease The Sweetness And Thickness, Simply Add More Liquid.

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