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Magnum's After Burner is the most effective nighttime fat burner available. Long after your day is over and you are asleep in bed, After Burner helps you to continue using fat as energy by: SUPPORTING FAT LOSS WHILE YOU SLEEP DECREASING FAT STORAGE REDUCING FOOD CRAVINGS AND HUNGER INCREASING THERMOGENESIS WITHOUT STIMULANTS SUPPORTS A DECREASE HUNGER, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU SLEEP After Burner uses key ingredients that help your metabolism to utilize fat as your main energy source. These ingredients activate the PPAR alpha receptors, which are specifically involved in the burning of fatty acids and the storage of fats. After Burner causes fat oxidation by augmenting the release of potent thermogenic enzymes. This means that it helps increase the rate at which fat gets converted to energy. After Burner positively affects multiple enzymes involved in fat metabolism, causing an increase in the production of energy from fat. After Burner also increases uncoupling-proteins (UCPs). An increase in UCPs increases the calories needed to produce the same amount of energy. Last but not least, After Burner helps to decrease hunger. Normally, when you eat, levels of a lipid produced by the intestines increase. This lipid works to decrease your appetite by stimulating the sensory nerves that tell your brain that you're full. When you take After Burner, you essentially trick your body into thinking you've already eaten. This decreases hunger, especially when you sleep. This is a huge benefit, as everyone who's ever been on a strict diet knows. Middle of the night cravings can kill both your sleep and your fat loss if you succumb to them.

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