60 Days. One $1,000 Male Winner, One $1,000 Female Winner.

Supplement World is launching the 5th Annual Transformation Challenge beginning March 1 2022, and this year we are raising the stakes. We are looking to see who can make the best physical transformation during the 60 day sprint Challenge period, whether it be weight loss, muscle gains, or both! Two grand prize winners (1 male, 1 female), will each take home $1,000 cash, along with prizes awarded to the top five winners. The Challenge is $20 to enter, and open to the public for all residents in the Wichita or Oklahoma City area. 

New entry submissions for the 2022 Challenge have ended.

How it Works

The official Challenge start date is March 1 2022. To be an eligible contestant you must enter your submission BEFORE February 28, 2022 (signup form above). Throughout the 60 day Challenge period, you will stop by your selected Supplement World store once per week (on the selected day of your choice) for a quick body composition analysis scan on the InBody machine. While you're in, we'll provide you with the current weeks' progress sheet printout. You will hold this piece of paper in your weekly progress picture, which you will take at home.  

Additional Value

Your $20 entry fee earns you much more than just a spot in the Challenge and a shot at $1,000 cash. Upon the Challenge launch, you will have the resources and knowledge of our in-store Fitness Consultants at your fingertips. You will also have anytime access to our InBody body composition and BMI scanner machines, plus 15% off all products from Supplement World throughout the duration of the Challenge.


The top male & female Transformation Grand Prize Winners will each receive a $1,000 cash prize! 

How You're Judged

At the completion of the Challenge on April 30, the Supplement World team along with a panel of outside judges will evaluate all eligible competitors. Winners will be selected based on a combination of progress pictures along with changes in body composition from the InBody analysis scans. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded by May 15, 2022

Contest Rules

To qualify as an eligible contestant for the 60 day Challenge, there are only a few guidelines. We only ask that you take your goals seriously during this challenge and stay consistent! To qualify as a winner for the challenge you must:

*Sign up via the Official Submission Form above, on or before 2/28/22
*Must live in the Wichita or Oklahoma City area

*Miss no more than two progress pictures throughout the Challenge
*Show up to your final weigh-in at the conclusion of the Challenge


What will you do with my progress pictures? When you take your weekly progress picture, you will upload it privately to the Transformation page website. Your pictures and identity will never be revealed or shared without your consent.
What are the weekly store visits? The weekly visits to the store are quick and easy. You can select your desired Supplement World Location, and preferred day of week via the Signup Form above. While you're in, you will use our InBody Composition Analysis machine to get an update on your current progress. We will also provide you with the weekly printout to use for your progress picture. This ensures contestants can't fake progress updates with old pictures or Photoshop.
When can I sign up? The signup period is live as of 2/10/22, and ends 2/28/22 at midnight
What happens after I signup? When you submit your entry via the signup form above, you'll be sent an email with additional details regarding the Challenge. You won't be required to do anything until the initial weigh-in days, at which point you'll stop by your selected store to get setup. More information will be sent to you via email after you enter your submission, and our staff will provide you with everything else you'll need to know during your initial weigh-in